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The following picture is showing our first family garage - car in station Athens in the mid-50's. Two of the family boys shown here,have been growing up since then with only a dream : to preserve and support the vivid existence of cars they were adoring when young throughout of these years.Cars we were taking care of as young boys of the 50's, are now under of our protection shield,fully attended to and preserved in mint condition as real Classic Cars deserved.

All this effort during the last 40 (!) years, combining hobby and genuine interest in Classic Cars, has resulted yo a private  collection of robust and real classics, presented thoroughly in our "Photo Gallery". Since we strongly believe that this "Photo Gallery" should be renamed to "Our soul Gallery", we would like to invite you to meet our world of some of the most of the most representative classics not only in Greece but also worlwide, and share the experience of feeling and driving real examples of Automotive History. To find out detailing information on our Classic Car Collection, do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or e-mail.

Yours Friendly,

Konstantinos L.Zekakos